“El Camí de la Solidaritat” is a non-profit, non-governmental organization created in 2013 in Cambrils, Spain. We promote and defend social transformation aimed at improving living conditions, empowering the most vulnerable groups of local communities, and incorporating a gender perspective with each of our projects. We fight for human rights and inspire social consciousness of our obligations as a collective society.

We promote ethical values based on the respect and dignity of all people through sustainable initiatives in the affected communities, while concurrently praising cultural diversity and denouncing all acts that contradict these values.

Our objectives


our communities in understandingtheir true potential to create socialchange by putting human rights atthe core of what we do, andmaking them the protagonists oftheir own personal development.We encourage their participationin projects that stem from theirdemands, needs and desires.


on the economic, legal, and socialinequalities that are prevalent inour communities, and denouncethe violation of these human rightsat a local level. We strive to inspirea collective consciousness thatvalues rights and obligations whileempowering the people of ourcommunities.


in the decision makers of oursociety regarding diversity and understanding the many ways ofinhabiting our communities. Wevalue the exchange of knowledgeand experiences while encouraginga societal effort to increase theautonomy and capabilities ofindividuals and as a collective.