Values and Statutes

Chapter VIII. The economic system

Article 25

The economic resources of the association are fed by:

  • The dues fixed by the General Assembly for its members
  • Government or private grants
  • Gifts, inheritance or legacies
  • Property income or other income that may be obtained.
Article 26

All the members of the association have the obligation to support it economically, by means of quotas or spillovers, in the manner and proportion determined by the General Assembly at the proposal of the Board of Directors.

The General Assembly may establish entrance fees, periodic monthly fees – which must be paid by month, quarter or semester, as determined by the Board of Directors – and extraordinary fees.

Article 27

The financial year coincides with the calendar year and closes on 31 December.

Article 28

Current accounts or savings books opened at credit or savings institutions must bear the signatures of the president, the treasurer and the secretary.

Two signatures are sufficient to dispose of the fund, one of which must be that of the treasurer or the president.