Values and Statutes

Chapter II. The members of the association, their rights and obligations

Article 4

The association is open to all natural and legal persons who, freely and voluntarily, have an interest in its aims.

As far as natural persons are concerned:

  1. They must be able to act.
  2. If they are between the ages of 14 and 18 and they are not emancipated, they need the consent of their parents or legal guardians to become a full member, with the right to vote at general meetings, and they cannot be elected to the Management Board.
  3. Children under 14 years of age may acquire the status of members and exercise the rights deriving from this status through their legal representatives.

       As far as legal persons are concerned:

  1. The membership application must be agreed by the competent body.
  2. The rules governing the legal person in question should not exclude the possibility for them to join an association.

To join the association, it is necessary to submit a written application to the Management Board, who will make a decision on the request during the first meeting and will communicate it to the most most immediate general assembly.

Article 5

The rights of the members of the association are:

  1. To attend the meetings of the General Assembly with voice and vote.
  2. To elect or to be elected to representative positions or to senior positions.
  3. To exercise the representation conferred on them in each case.
  4. To intervene in the governance and management tasks, in the services and activities of the association, in accordance with the legal and statutory rules.
  5. To present before the Assembly and the Management Board everything they consider can contribute to make the life of the association fuller and the achievement of the basic social objectives more effective.
  6. To request and obtain explanations about the administration and management of the Board or the association’s representatives.
  7. To be heard before disciplinary measures are taken.
  8. To receive information about the activities of the association.
  9. To make use of the common services that the association establishes or has at its disposal.
  10. To be part of the working groups.
  11. To have a copy of the statutes.
  12. To consult the association’s books.
Article 6

The duties of the members of the association are:

  1. To commit to the aims of the association and actively participate in achieving them.
  2. To contribute to the support of the association with the payment of dues, spills and other economic contributions fixed by the statutes and approved in accordance with them.
  3. To comply with the rest of the obligations resulting from the statutory provisions.
  4. To abide and comply with the agreements validly adopted by the association’s governing bodies.
Article 7

These are the grounds for dismissal from the association:

  1. By decision of the person concerned. In this case, he or she will have to communicate his or her decision in writing to the Management Board.
  2. Failure to meet the set fees.
  3. Failure to comply with statutory obligations.