Values and Statutes

Chapter X. Dissolution

Article 30

The association may be dissolved if so agreed by the General Assembly, which has been specially convened for this purpose.

Article 31
  1. Once the dissolution has been agreed, the General Assembly must take the appropriate measures both for the destination of the goods and rights of the association, and for the purpose, extinction and liquidation of any pending operation.
  2. The Assembly is empowered to elect a liquidation committee whenever it deems it necessary.
  3. The members of the association are exempt from personal liability. Their responsibility is limited to fulfilling the obligations they have voluntarily undertaken.
  4. The net remainder that results from the liquidation must be paid directly to the public or private non-profit entity that, in the territorial area of action of the association, has stood out most in its activity in favor of charitable works.

Proceedings to certify that these statutes have been approved at the general meeting of 11/02/2020.

The secretary                                   

Raquel Marcos Pujol                                

The president

Roger Solà Martínez