El Camí: 2014 Project

On August 31st, the second edition of the charity race/walk El Camí de la Solidaritat took place, in benefit of children at risk of exclusion in Cambrils. The money collected was used for snacks for these children.

The Camí de la Solidaritat together with Cáritas focused its efforts on meeting the need to provide snacks to children at risk of social exclusion in the municipality of Cambrils. Impact on 70 children with 3500 snacks consumed.

Donations were made directly to a current account of Cáritas-Cambrils, the entity that managed the snacks. The race was an athletic mile, both in running and walking, and both the start and finish were the Paseo Miramar, in the port of Cambrils.

We were accompanied by the castellers Xiquets de Cambrils, who made a pillar and a castle. The Cagarrieres made a performance with the devils and drums. The races were set by two music groups Trescuartos and Fiahfamily Tarragona.

Event Information

Date: August 31st, 2014

Event: 1609 meters Race Walk.

Participation: 300 people

Revenue: 3.500 euros



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